Cycling 12,000 miles from Lisbon to Shanghai
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  • Miles cycled: 483
  • Feet climbed: 22,748
  • Cycling days: 10
  • Non-cycling days: 3

Rating (1-10) and comments:

  • Road – condition: 6.5
    Varied massively from area to area, some terrible sections though
  • Road – shoulders and cycle lanes: 7
    After a few days with no shoulder or cycle lanes we suddenly seemed top find them everywhere
  • Road signage: 6.5
    Often confusing with often only main roads and distant large towns indicated and “Toute Directions” used far too often. Smaller junctions are often un-signed. Also many town seems to have put a one way system in place that zig zags you along every street (past every business) so that you end up doing several miles to get across a small town.
  • Drivers: 6.5
    Much less patient and a one or two right d***heads
  • Campsites – Availability: 8.5
    Particularly along the coast there are a plethora
  • Campsites – Facilities/Value: 7
    Usually good facilities but often pricey and designed for mobile homes & caravans
  • Hotels: 7
  • Shops: 8.5
    Everything you could need and even fairly small supermarkets tend to be open Sunday morning
  • Food: 7.5
  • People: 8
    Trying to speak a little French makes a big difference
  • Cost: 6.5
    Priciest country so far – particularly along the coast
  • Scenery: 8
    The Pyrenees, the Med, Provence, Verdon and then the Alps – beautiful
  • Cultural interest: 7
    We generally went through more scenic than cultural areas

Overall: 7.3

General tips:

  • Learn the basics of French language