Cycling 12,000 miles from Lisbon to Shanghai
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The route

Starting at the most westerly point of Europe near Lisbon, we cross over into Spain, then tackle the Alps in France and Italy before cruising across to Eastern Europe and the Balkan States.

Our original plan was to go through Iran and Turkmenistan into Uzbekistan. However, due to visa problems we’ve had to revise the route. We are now, instead, heading north through Romania and Ukraine, then Russia and Kazakhstan, where we will re-join the original route through Uzbekistan.

We then cross into China and travel across the breadth of the country, reaching Shanghai around mid-2010, where we will reluctantly pack up our bikes and fly home to Australia.

That’s the plan so far, anyway. We’ll see how we go with time, money and red tape (as well as condition of arse-cheeks…)

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