Cycling 12,000 miles from Lisbon to Shanghai
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Day 202 (16/01/10) – Sydney

The end of our trip

We breathe a sigh of relief as the plane touches down in Sydney. Worn out physically and emotionally, we trudge our way to the snaking queue in immigration before getting to the baggage reclaim area. After waiting for far too long, we realise (with not much surprise) that not only did our bikes not make it – they’ve withheld our bags as well (even though those were well within the excess baggage weight). Too tired to be angry. I’m just happy to be back home. At last.

We lodge the requisite complaint at the baggage desk. We even go up to the China Southern Airlines office, but unsurprisingly, there’s no one there.

My dad meets us at Arrivals, surprised at our lack of luggage. We go back to his house and spend the rest of the day crashed in bed, comatose.