Cycling 12,000 miles from Lisbon to Shanghai
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Day 195 (9/1/10) – Samarqand

Being good little tourists, we wake up just before sunrise and trot back down to the Registan to take some photos of the place as the sun comes up, bathing all in a beautiful golden light. We also find the surrounding trees and grass covered in frost. Just magical and well worth the early mornings chill.



After breakfast, we revisit the Siob Bazaar and finally find a moneychanger. It seems that they go about their business a bit more subtly here – perhaps the police are on the prowl. Armed with extra cash, we take a marshrutka back to the train station. Bracing ourselves for another crowded debacle, we are pleasantly surprised to find a small and orderly queue at the ticket window! It is bad news however, when we find out that tickets for Sunday trains to Tashkent are all sold out. We are unsure whether we’d need transit visas for China because our flight from Tashkent to Sydney connects in Urumqi and Guangzhou. It would’ve been good to get to Tashkent tomorrow so we could get to the Chinese embassy first thing on Monday morning. The next available tickets we can buy are for Monday afternoon’s train which arrives in Tashkent at night. We are now left with a shorter buffer period (we fly out on Thursday night). Fingers crossed that we won’t need that transit visa!!!

Siob Bazaar

Siob Bazaar

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