Cycling 12,000 miles from Lisbon to Shanghai
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So what’s this all about?


We’re cycling from Lisbon to Shanghai, crossing the continent in 14 months… about 12,000 miles on the saddle – ouch. :-(

It all started with some idle chit-chat about cycle touring in Europe for a month…

Then we made the monumental decision to move to Australia and figured that, since we’re going to ditch our jobs and pack up home, we might as well take a wee trip in-between. So, a 1 month tour ballooned into 14 months…

We’re both cycling enthusiasts and have cycled numerous tours around Scotland, albeit at a much smaller scale. Cycling in Scotland has been great training ground though – torturous headwinds, dreich (that’s Scots for wet and miserable) weather, crazy gradients… and let’s not forget midges!

UPDATE (2010) – we didn’t manage to get all the way to Shanghai unfortunately – see our posts from Uzbekistan for more details.